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Karira bamboo sheets are silky soft and smooth to the touch. Manufactured using 100% viscose rayon from bamboo, these sheets are durable and certified to be free of harmful substances and chemicals.

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Sleep directly affects your productivity, energy levels and mood. Get back to healthy living and a good night’s sleep with Karira’s naturally breathable and luxuriously soft bamboo bedding. Karira bamboo bedding is the ultimate blend of craftsmanship and elegance, featuring durable seams, deep pockets and a silk like sheen so you’ll enjoy many nights of restful sleep and comfort.

LUXURIOUS-Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics feature a silk like sheen and a texture as soft as premium cotton. Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics are the ultimate blend of craftsmanship and elegance, with durable seams and deep pockets you’ll enjoy many nights of comfort.

BREATHABLE-Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics are breathable and absorbent due to the unique weave of the fibre in our fabrics. This naturally draws moisture away from your body keeping your skin dry resulting in a restful sleep in any season or room temperature.

GREEN-Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics are free of pesticides and other toxins that are harmful to your body and the environment. All Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics are manufactured using a closed-loop process which saves water, energy, and the environment.

SUSTAINABLE-Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics use sustainable raw materials. Bamboo requires a fraction of the time and resources to produce compared to traditional fabrics. Economical, ecological and long-lasting, Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics are a sustainable alternative to cotton and synthetic materials.

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Full 15 inch Depth, Queen 15 inch Depth, Queen 18 inch Depth, King 15 inch Depth, King 18 inch Depth


Sustainably Manufactured, 400 Thread Count Viscose from Bamboo, Each set includes one (1) flat sheet, one (1) fitted sheet, and two (2) pillowcases.

19 reviews for Bamboo Bedsheets-Karira Luxury Royal Blue

  1. Chan-juan

    Karira sheets, top notch quality. I’m please and honored to have bought and enjoyed the comfort. I Believe in quality, innovations and longevity when I buy. I remember this name for future.

  2. Connie

    These sheets are great! Plus having cotise on them is an added BONUS! Thank you Karira

  3. Jenny

    These sheets are amazing. Great quality all the way. They are so soft and comfortable, making it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Great product!

  4. DK

    My experience with Karira Sheets and pillowcases has been out of this world!! They feel so nice on my body that I started sleeping in the nude so I could be wrapped up in them all night for an awesome sleeping experience. They keep you extra cool on those hot summer nights. After sleeping with Karira sheets I wouldn’t put anything else on my bed.

  5. Priea

    I love sleeping between my Karira sheets, it keeps me cool in the summer and feels lightweight on my body. In the winter it’s just the best cozy feeling.

  6. Pascal

    I’m happy to report that the sheets are amazing and just as good as I expected them to be. The quality remains the same as what I remember when I got my first set a long time ago.
    I’m so glad you are still in business!

  7. Lisa

    My Karira bamboo sheets are my absolute favourites! I’ve had them for years and they wash wonderfully and have never lost their shape. They seem to get softer with every wash! They are cozy in the winter and feel nice and cool in the warmer months. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good, long-lasting set of sheets.

  8. Diana

    Not all bamboo sheets are the same. It’s hard to find that perfect blend of cool/warmth and softness. These sheets hit the mark and are affordable! I’ve had my sheets for over 2 years and use them throughout the year. I wash them about a hundred times and they look like they were just purchased. Whether I put on my silk teddy, or flannel shirt I always feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. Don’t look any further, these are the ones you will always come back to!

  9. Gopaul

    I have always been skeptical about sheet thread counts and quality. However, this set of sheets has been the best set of sheets I have ever bought. They are super soft, fit perfectly on my King size bed, and keep me cooler compared to my regular cotton sheets. Definitely worth the premium, will buy again.

  10. Sherry

    Since I bought my bamboo sheets they are the only ones I have been using. I love everything about them! The quality is very good and it feels soft, smooth and great to sleep on. They wash well with no problems, still very soft and smooth wash after wash. I highly recommend them to everyone to try!

  11. Saj

    I’d like to thank the kind people at Karira Home for their wonderful customer support and service. I received my delivery on time and well packaged without any problems which made my shopping experience fantastic. I am happily enjoying my sheets and must say they are amazing to sleep on. Looking forward to my next purchase.
    Thank you Karira!

  12. Paul

    I love my sheets! They keep me cool, feel silky and stay clean with no odour!
    -Amanda Canada. Soft and cool to the skin! Wash and wear. No shrinkage!

  13. Robert

    The Bamboo bedsheets from Karira were fantastic! As someone who is hot-blooded, I found the sheets nice and cool to sleep in and for sheer comfort I would recommend them to anyone!

  14. Connie

    I am a person who suffers from allergies but once I tried my bamboo sheets I slept better at night. They really are hyperallergic! I recommend them to anyone who suffers from allergies like I do!

  15. Dave

    My husband and I purchase several sets from Karira and we are very happy with them! They wash fantastic and sleep great! They are smooth and soft with a silky feeling to them. With these hot summer nights they have kept us cool! Thanks Karira!

  16. Mary-Ann

    We absolutely love the bed sheets by Karira Home. Bamboo is one of the softest fibres we have ever slept on! Whether they are dried on the clothesline or in the dryer, the sheets keep their softness and the colour doesn’t fade. We even gave a set as a housewarming gift and we are thanked over and over for it. They said it was one of the best gifts they ever received. Not to mention the complimentary environmentally friendly bamboo shopping bag!

  17. Jason

    Impressed with the bed sheets. Looks like these will last me a long time.

  18. Beverley

    I just love the bamboo bedsheets. The best part of all is they are wrinkle-free and they wash well. Probably because they’re a natural fibre.

  19. Savita

    These sheets are baby soft and I really love them. I will recommend them to all my friends!

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