Bamboo Bedsheets-Karira Copper White


Karira bamboo sheets are silky soft and smooth to the touch. Manufactured using 100% copper infused viscose rayon from bamboo, these sheets are durable and certified to be free of harmful substances and chemicals.

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Sleep directly affects your productivity, energy levels and mood. Get back to healthy living and a good night’s sleep with Karira’s naturally breathable and luxuriously soft copper ion infused bamboo bedding. Karira bamboo bedding is the ultimate blend of craftsmanship and elegance, featuring durable seams, deep pockets and a silk like sheen so you’ll enjoy many nights of restful sleep and comfort. Each Karira bamboo bed sheet set includes one (1) flat sheet, one (1) fitted sheet, and two (2) pillowcases.

KARIRA COPPER-Enjoy the luxurious comfort of our Karira Copper line. The copper ions added to our Karira Copper products are naturally soothing and gentle to your skin. Help improve your skin tone and appearance while enjoying the luxurious feel of our Karira Copper fabrics and get a more healthy look and restful sleep!

BREATHABLE-Karira Copper bamboo fabrics are breathable and absorbent due to the unique weave of the fibre in our fabrics. This naturally draws moisture away from your body keeping your skin dry resulting in a restful sleep in any season or room temperature.

GREEN-Karira Copper bamboo fabrics are free of pesticides and other toxins that are harmful to your body and the environment. All Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics are manufactured using a closed-loop process which saves water, energy, and the environment.

SUSTAINABLE-Karira Copper bamboo fabrics use sustainable raw materials. Bamboo requires a fraction of the time and resources to produce compared to traditional fabrics. Economical, ecological and long-lasting, Karira Luxury bamboo fabrics are a sustainable alternative to cotton and synthetic materials.

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Sustainably Manufactured, 300 Thread Count Copper Ion Infused Viscose from Bamboo, Each set includes one (1) flat sheet, one (1) fitted sheet, and two (2) pillowcases.


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